Ella’s Crimson Flower

A while ago, a great friend, Ella Magella, Sr.(that’s Elaine’s nickname), asked if I could design a large crimson red flower in stained glass for her.  Ella had purchased the Flamenco Dancer from me and was awaiting its arrival at her home in Augusta, Georgia.

I created a pattern for the flower and emailed it to Ella, Sr. for approval.  Ella loved the design but was concerned with the weight of the piece.  She had just received the Dancer and was surprised at how heavy that smaller piece was. 

So, I created Ella’s Crimson Flower with the intent of bringing it to my hair salon for display.  Then when the stained glass panel was complete, I designed the pattern into a mosaic for my garden wall.  See my posting Confetti Mosaic on Wall that was posted on May 21, 2010.

However, my neighbor saw the piece and asked to purchase it as a gift for her daughter.  I agreed to sell it to her.  A few weeks later, she decided she wanted the original piece and asked if I could create another one for her daughter in shades of purple and lavender. 

This morning I completed the second piece for my friend’s daughter, who by the way, flies back home to Brooklyn, New York tomorrow.


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