The Sunflower Mosaic

This mosaic was laid out, put on the wall and grouted in a matter of a couple of days.  I was attempting to keep myself busy so I didn’t have time to think about Damian (my cat/companion who had to be put to sleep last Thursday).  I have to confess, keeping busy did not help in the least. 

As the cliché goes …. times heals all wounds.  And, that is what I am hoping for, but in the meantime I will continue to create more artwork until this house finally sells and I can move back to family and friends.


The College Emblem

In my last post, I mentioned that an old friend had commissioned me to create a small sun catcher for her beau.  I have now completed the piece, packaged it for US Mail and will have it mailed to her either this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

While I was soldering, always with my garage door open for ventilation (my workshop is in my garage), a neighbor passed walking her dog.  She stopped, asked what I was working on and after seeing the Bowling Green Emblem, said “I may have you make something for Frank with the NY Yankee Emblem.”   As luck would have it, I have a NY Yankee Emblem already made.  Hopefully, that will be another sale for me.

And should anyone be interested, I also have a Dallas Cowboys Emblem already made.