The Horned Owl

I haven’t been working in stained glass much lately since I have been concentrating on adding more mosaics to my garden wall.  I had started this piece during the winter while my son was visiting. But for some reason the small tesserae tiles kept calling to me.  I have just completed the owl (finally) and it is now hanging in the window of my breakfast nook.

Actually, I needed to finish the piece because I will be using the bench to layout a commission just received – the mosaic will be 8 feet wide by 4-1/2 feet tall on completion.  It is a desert sunset quite unique to the view from my client’s home.  All the 3/8” tiles have been ordered – the shipment should arrive within the next week or so.  I still have to purchase the 1” glass tiles I use for bordering as well as the thin set and grout but that can wait for now.  The main focus of my attention for the foreseeable future will be on building the mosaic mural.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of this new project.


The College Emblem

In my last post, I mentioned that an old friend had commissioned me to create a small sun catcher for her beau.  I have now completed the piece, packaged it for US Mail and will have it mailed to her either this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

While I was soldering, always with my garage door open for ventilation (my workshop is in my garage), a neighbor passed walking her dog.  She stopped, asked what I was working on and after seeing the Bowling Green Emblem, said “I may have you make something for Frank with the NY Yankee Emblem.”   As luck would have it, I have a NY Yankee Emblem already made.  Hopefully, that will be another sale for me.

And should anyone be interested, I also have a Dallas Cowboys Emblem already made.

Ella’s Crimson Flower

A while ago, a great friend, Ella Magella, Sr.(that’s Elaine’s nickname), asked if I could design a large crimson red flower in stained glass for her.  Ella had purchased the Flamenco Dancer from me and was awaiting its arrival at her home in Augusta, Georgia.

I created a pattern for the flower and emailed it to Ella, Sr. for approval.  Ella loved the design but was concerned with the weight of the piece.  She had just received the Dancer and was surprised at how heavy that smaller piece was. 

So, I created Ella’s Crimson Flower with the intent of bringing it to my hair salon for display.  Then when the stained glass panel was complete, I designed the pattern into a mosaic for my garden wall.  See my posting Confetti Mosaic on Wall that was posted on May 21, 2010.

However, my neighbor saw the piece and asked to purchase it as a gift for her daughter.  I agreed to sell it to her.  A few weeks later, she decided she wanted the original piece and asked if I could create another one for her daughter in shades of purple and lavender. 

This morning I completed the second piece for my friend’s daughter, who by the way, flies back home to Brooklyn, New York tomorrow.

Confetti Mosaic on Wall

For those who are not familiar with southern Arizona, all homes have block walls of varying heights “fencing” off the back yard.  Here in the desert southwest we are able to be outdoors year round, now I want you to know I am not bragging, I often feel homesick for the New York Tri-State region and if the cost wasn’t so prohibitive, that is exactly where I would be living.  But here I am and ever since I moved into my home, my feeling was the wall is just another place to display artwork.  I have thought of creating some mosaic work on the backyard walls for some time now.  

Ella's Crimson Flower Stained Glass

I designed a pattern that I call Ella’s Crimson Flower; first I made a stained glass panel (which is still sitting on the workshop table awaiting solder), then I couldn’t wait to get my hands into the Opus style of mosaic.  I adapted the pattern to a mosaic pattern using the Tile Creator Software I had recently purchased.  I worked almost non-stop on tiling until one day this Spring, a friend helped me affix it to the side wall of my yard.  Well, I now know that I must smooth the wall first, the mosaic has some bumps and waves in it, but for a first effort, I am not dissatisfied. 

Ella's Crimson Flower Mosaic

After Ella’s Crimson Flower was complete, I decided to use some scrap glass to create confetti like mosaic all along the top course of blocks on the wall.  I have been working for several weeks on the confetti mosaic and today, I completed affixing the glass to the wall.  I still have to grout the entire top course, but I wanted to share some pictures of the not yet completed result.  I have to say I love it, it feels so happy, like a party!  

Confetti Mosaic

Several of my neighbors had suggested I mosaic the top course of the outside of the wall also – that too, is completed.  I just hope the Homeowners Association doesn’t site me for beautifying the otherwise ugly wall.  Who knows, maybe I will get some more work – I have already been commissioned to mosaic one neighbor’s wall.

My mind is already planning my next Opus mosaic; in fact I have begun working on it.  It will be two purple irises, and after that I would like to replicate Van Gogh’s Starry Night (  Oh, the possibilities are endless, and like I said before, I am happiest when I am creating.