The College Emblem

In my last post, I mentioned that an old friend had commissioned me to create a small sun catcher for her beau.  I have now completed the piece, packaged it for US Mail and will have it mailed to her either this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

While I was soldering, always with my garage door open for ventilation (my workshop is in my garage), a neighbor passed walking her dog.  She stopped, asked what I was working on and after seeing the Bowling Green Emblem, said “I may have you make something for Frank with the NY Yankee Emblem.”   As luck would have it, I have a NY Yankee Emblem already made.  Hopefully, that will be another sale for me.

And should anyone be interested, I also have a Dallas Cowboys Emblem already made.


The Field of Poppies Mosaic

Today I finished grouting the Field of Poppies.  This mosaic was fun from the beginning to the end of the project.  My inspiration for this mosaic came from all the beautiful poppies that bloomed here in the desert this spring.  It seemed that every place I wandered, poppies were in bloom.  One day I came upon the idea of creating a mosaic that I called The Field of Poppies.  Creation of the pattern was fun, although I will admit it kept growing in size as I added another flower. 

My original intention was to mount it on the Easterly wall in my garden.  But, as it turned out, it was too tall to fit on that wall without losing too much of the leaves on the bottom of the panel.  I then decided to place it on the North wall.  Actually this was a great choice since it is in full view through the great room window.

I am quite pleased with the completed work.  I’m working toward having enough panels to take an advertisement in one of the local mailings to possibly generate some work for myself.  So far, I have four tesserae mosaics and three stained glass mosaics mounted on my garden wall. 

I have created two more mosaic patterns; a large sunflower on a blue sky background and my rendition of “Tour née du Chat Noir” by Rodolphe Salis.  But first I am commissioned to create a stained glass sun catcher for an alumnus of mine.

Ella’s Crimson Flower

A while ago, a great friend, Ella Magella, Sr.(that’s Elaine’s nickname), asked if I could design a large crimson red flower in stained glass for her.  Ella had purchased the Flamenco Dancer from me and was awaiting its arrival at her home in Augusta, Georgia.

I created a pattern for the flower and emailed it to Ella, Sr. for approval.  Ella loved the design but was concerned with the weight of the piece.  She had just received the Dancer and was surprised at how heavy that smaller piece was. 

So, I created Ella’s Crimson Flower with the intent of bringing it to my hair salon for display.  Then when the stained glass panel was complete, I designed the pattern into a mosaic for my garden wall.  See my posting Confetti Mosaic on Wall that was posted on May 21, 2010.

However, my neighbor saw the piece and asked to purchase it as a gift for her daughter.  I agreed to sell it to her.  A few weeks later, she decided she wanted the original piece and asked if I could create another one for her daughter in shades of purple and lavender. 

This morning I completed the second piece for my friend’s daughter, who by the way, flies back home to Brooklyn, New York tomorrow.

Blowing My Own Horn

I’m sorry, I can’t help but feel proud and want to share this good news with my followers.  Yesterday I received the following email from Delphi Glass. 

 Dear Arlene,

 You’re a Delphi Featured Artist!  Thank you for allowing Delphi to feature your artwork in our catalog.  At Delphi we love to share our customer’s successes and triumphs and how they got started in their crafts by featuring them in Artist Spotlights throughout our catalogs.  Congratulations on the opportunity to showcase your work in one of these spotlights.

 Our Annual 2010-2011 catalog is mailing soon and the stained glass panel that you entered into our Annual Photo Contest is featured on page 57.  You will also be receiving by mail a $50.00 gift certificate in appreciation for letting us feature your art in a Delphi Catalog.

 Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Melanie Churchill                                                                                             Merchandise Catalog Manager                                                                         Delphi Glass                                                                                  

Remember about a month or so ago, I was contacted by another stained glass hobbyist looking for my pattern of the tiger.  Delphi is featuring my tiger on the banner page of their website and this hobbyist wanted to purchase my pattern.  Delphi had given her my email address so she could contact me. 

 Since I had submitted about four pictures of my work to Delphi’s contest, I am unsure which piece will be featured on page 57 of their catalog.  Time will tell, I am anxiously awaiting my catalog and most definitely will share the featured piece.

 One thing for sure, I will submit pictures of some of my mosaics for next year’s contest.

Van Gogh’s Starry Night – Arlene’s Interpretation in Tesserae Mosaic Tiles

I’ve been working on this mosaic for some time now.   I placed the piece on the west wall in my garden where the sun can show if off for most of the day.  But that location proved to be quite a hard location to work at.  The sun rises over the mountains at about 6 am and brightens the chosen wall.  Up until about 8 am, the Palo Verde tree shades the area where I was working, and then BAM, blinding sunlight and a nice warmth that quickly grows blistering hot. 

For that reason, every stage of this mosaic took much longer than it should have taken.  Prepping the wall was a painstakingly long process.  The thin-set dried quickly, so I could only set one small portion each day.  The grout dried too quickly, again I was only able to complete a small portion each day having to grout a 12 inch square then sponge it off with lightening speed. 

 I wrote a post about creating this mosaic pattern back in June and how Don McLean’s song “Vincent” haunted me during the creative process.  Well, the song continued to play in my mind while I was working – sometimes I even heard myself singing “Starry, starry night; paint your palate blue and gray……” 

Now I’m sure I understand what he tried to say to me!  And having said that, here is a picture of the finished piece, what do you think?

So Maybe I’m Becoming Famous

Last month I received an email from a graphic designer asking permission to use an image from my website for one of her designs.

“Hi, Arlene.

 I am working with a hospice center in Aurora, IL. We are making posters and signs for a Walk To Remember annual event.  We ended up with a stained glass theme, and there is a butterfly release that takes place at the event. 

 I wandered into your website and love it all! I was hoping to use this image of your butterfly in the poster as part of the background. I would like to have your permission to use this image you have posted on the internet.

 If you like, I would be happy to layout your brochures on a table and maybe business cards if you have any.”

 I sent her some of my business cards to lay out on the table at the event.   She will be sending me a mock-up of the sign she will be creating.

Now today I received this email from another stained glass artist:

“Good afternoon!
I inquired at Delphi Glass about the tiger stained glass on their banner currently to see if the pattern was available, as it is gorgeous!  They informed me that it is your art work.  I checked on your internet site and saw several beautiful pieces that caught my eye.  I am planning on doing some African themed stained glass pieces after having made a trip to Africa, and wondered if you sell patterns from any of your pieces.  (I know, the tiger is not African but it is beautiful!).  I’m not offended if you say no, enjoyed looking at your gallery in any case. Thanks!”

Here’s a link to the Delphi Glass website, my work is Picture Number One of three pictures. 

Funny thing, the African animals and the tiger were purchased patterns produced by GlasDesign.  Not one of them was a pattern that I created.  I will, however, respond to the inquirer telling her exactly what patterns I used. 

It would seem to me that having a website is beneficial.  If you are interested, here’s a link to my website.



And now my question to you, my blog followers, am I finally making a name for myself with my art?

The Savannah Bird Girl Mosaic

I fell in love with the city of Savannah, Georgia in May of 1996 when my son, Paul Graduated from Parris Island Marine Corps Training.  Naturally, being a typical proud Momma, I travelled to the graduation ceremonies and stayed in the fabulous city of Savannah at the River Street Inn on historic River Street.

During the time of my visit, the book “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” was very popular.  The cover of the novel is a picture of the sculpture known as the Bird Girl that was created in 1936 by sculptress Sylvia Shaw Judson in Lake Forest, Illinois. It achieved fame when it was featured on the cover of the 1994 novel.

Recently, I designed a stained glass pattern of the Bird Girl and had planned to create a sizeable window hanging.  But now that I am working in my yard, I decided to convert the pattern into that of a stained glass mosaic for the wall.  Despite the 100 plus degree temps outside, I have completed the mosaic and wish to share the finished result with you, my blog followers.

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